We offer three levels of cleaning.
-First level we leave the house broom swept and carpets vacuumed at NO COST ,with trashed bagged up.
- second level we sweep, mop, and do lite dusting ,and leave trash bagged up.
- Third level we do a deep clean on the house, and take all trash off site .
For price call.​​​​
We do yard work also it depends on the property and what need to be done to get the property ready for re-sale or rent.We also do bushes and lite tree trimming .

If need we can also do pressure washing of the house and drive ways​​ 
We also provide a complete moving service . Anything from moving one piece to moving a whole house .We also provide a packing service so you don't have to worry about anything​.
Call for a no cost estimate.​
Moving done by
J'S Moving Specialist LLC
odot # 128428​​​​
We take care of all aspect of an estate sale .From setting up to advertising .We bring tables and table clothes to display your goods .We handle all the bookkeeping and maintain the  safety and security​ of the merchandise and our friendly staff provides great customer services. Our prices reflect todays market values with focus on generating the sale.PLEASE DONT DONATE OR TOSS OUT ITEMS.People will buy items you may think they wont .